Case Study

EMERGE with OneWeb Satellites

Client: OneWeb Satellites | Relationship established: August 2020 | Location: Florida & France

The Client

OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, that will deploy and operate a constellation of up to 900 low-earth orbit satellites providing global high-speed internet access.

One Web Satellites’ main mission is to design and manufacture the satellites for the OneWeb constellation. They have a manufacturing site in Florida, USA and design and support teams based in Toulousse, France.

The Challenge

Over the last 2 years our client has been through significant change due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Chapter-11 of one of their shareholders. One Web Satellites wanted to invest, up skill, and unify its leadership team. They wanted a training program to help these leaders meet their full potential and be equipped with the tools to lead their teams. It was also critically important that they drive collaboration across their global network from Toulouse, France to Merritt Island, Florida.

16 delegates were selected to undergo this leadership transformation and consisted of our first class of the EMERGE program.

The Conclusion

Impel’s coaching and leadership team implemented a 9 course program lasting 6 months which consisted of customised workbooks, 1-2-1 trainings with ex-industry coaches, and group learning sessions with cross regional engagement.

It was important that delegates take the time necessary to focus on their own personal development and mental health with the mounting pressures of the business. The impact the program brought was apparent after week one, as Impel had touch points with each of the delegates line managers at various stages of the program.Providing a safe space for feedback and unbiased opinion allowed for open and transparent conversations to accelerate the delegates development.

All participants provided overwhelmingly positive feedback from their experience.  Our client has seen a significant change in their leaders’ approach to their roles and responsibilities after attending the Emerge course. They were able to quickly put into practice all of the methodology and training they learnt into their job each day and even challenge others with the best practice they have discovered. In addition, they have seen them spreading a new culture of leadership across the entire company and directly from this, they are seeing more engaged teams. Many participants have repeatedly cited an increase in confidence and faster decision making as a result of this program.

Impel have been exceptional to work with. They have taken the time to really understand our business, the challenges we are facing and have been able to work with us to try and overcome these. The team are open to feedback and adapt their approach to suit the needs of the team and business. Likewise, from the insights Impel have gained from our leaders, we are able to listen to their recommendations and implement changes that we were blind to. We really see working with Impel Talent as a partnership rather than just a provider of our leadership training. – Damen Tolley Head of HR

Following a successful graduation of their participants Impel was reproached to launch a further 3 groups of the Emerge Program, to date providing training and coaching to 40 total delegates. This was driven by business need and as a result of interest and demand from employees across the business.

Our Expertise

The Impel Talent team are always valued for our flexible and personable approach. Having a coach with many years of industry experience, that leaders can relate to provides trust and confidence with delegates to meet their potential. The first hand experience as a leader allows our coaches to be empathic to the situation of the leaders they serve.

This has been one of the biggest (and best) investments into our leadership training that we have made and we saw the return on investment very quickly. Having trainers who understand our business, have been in the leader’s shoes, and can connect the two worlds is absolutely invaluable.Damen Tolly, Head of HR