Case Study

Addressing Talent Acquisition Strategy with Embedded Solutions

Client: Global Satellite Company| Relationship established: September 2022

The Challenge

A global 200+ employee space company struggled with their Talent Acquisition strategy as result of rapid scale up, but limited internal resources. The business had difficulties attracting relevant talent, lacked processes and plans for recruitment, and had limited resources available internally to lead hiring projects. This led to delays, misalignments, and poor candidate experiences.  

The company needed support to build an infrastructure, streamline processes, engage stakeholders, expand their employer branding and establish internal alignment, ownerships, and accountability. They approached Impel Talent to drive their recruitment end-to-end and come up with a robust plan of action. 

The Process

Impel Talent Embedded Solutions team came on-site and consulted with the Human Resources team to understand recruitment goals and business objectives, identifying what was the most critical and urgent internal issues that needed to be resolved.  

Starting with a Hiring Manager satisfaction survey it turned out that out that the business not only lacked a streamlined process and infrastructure, but adequate technology and systems. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) complicated their internal and external hiring strategy, making it impossible to measure key hiring metrics and build data-driven hiring plans. The systems available were not up-to-date and user friendly, causing frustrations among Hiring Managers, slowing down the hiring and leading to negative candidate experiences. 

Impel Talent Embedded Solutions Consultants sat down with the key internal stakeholders for one-on-one interviews to better understand the main bottlenecks, frustrations, and their needs. This allowed the team to better diagnose each issue more in-depth. It was additionally identified that there was a lack of process ownership, candidate journey ownership, proactive engagement between the hiring members, or any internal employee referral programs .

As a next step Impel Talent Embedded Solutions Team reviewed the existing selection & recruitment process, technology (ATS) and company values end-to-end. 

The Solution

Once the key and most critical bottlenecks were diagnosed and key priorities were set, the Impel Talent Embedded Solutions team built a brand-new selection and recruitment process from scratch, taking into consideration all possible recruitment scenarios (internal, external, working with recruitment partners) assigning the relevant stakeholders along every step in the process ensuring ownerships are set and expectations are clear. 

Then the team then executed:

  • A joint delivery plan and service level agreements (SLAs) were set. 
  • Development of internal tools for HR & Hiring Managers to ease hiring and help make better hiring decisions. Tools included: Interview plans per function, Competence and Behavioral based interviewing guide, Cultural interviewing guide, Pre-screening interview guide, Setting Recruitment strategy guide, Building Ideal candidate profile guide, identifying internal workforce needs guide and a Hiring Manager Handbook written by our consultants leading HMs through every possible step and scenario in Recruitment end-to-end. 
  • Review, evaluation and selection of better ATS systems that fits the client’s specific needs and was more cost effective. Provided 3 alternatives were provided, with a full report and negotiated service terms. 
  • Cultural interview training for Senior Leaders. Ensuring teams were aligned with the companies core Values and driven towards hiring against their mission and vision. 
  • Recruitment education and training for internal HR team. 


Our Industry Expert Consultants bring experience from working in-house with organizations of all sizes and have an in-depth understanding of internal talent acquisition processes and infrastructures and how to drive them to accomplish successful outcomes. Impel Talent’s Embedded Solutions Team was able to instantly analyze, understand and identify the major issues of the client in-depth and produce a customized client specific solution plan. 

The client received all internal tools necessary to overcome resource limitations and utilize the knowledge gained for better, faster and more efficient hiring processes and employee placements. 

Our Embedded Talent Solution is an all-in-one solution for scaling businesses that have limited or no infrastructure and recruitment knowledge in place and need guidance on establishing stable internal processes and ensure relevant talent delivery.