HUMAN SKILLS ASSESSMENTS. Understanding skills.

Supporting Leaders with human skills data about your people.

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Understanding your human assets

Our human skills assessments help Hiring Managers understand shortlisted candidates and assist leaders in building high-performing teams by identifying skills gaps and offering tailored training.


We provide a range of valuable tools to enhance your leadership coaching experience. Our assessments encompass Strengths, offering insights into team diversity, Emotional Intelligence, revealing behavioural traits and leadership potential, and Leadership Capability, tailored for those in leadership roles.

These assessments empower leaders and hiring managers to gain a deeper understanding of their human assets and bridge skill gaps effectively.

The objective of the Human Skills Assessments.

Have you ever struggled to understand why you behave and act in a certain way? Have you ever struggled to articulate to your Leader, your peers or a Hiring Manager in an interview what your strengths are and why you act and behave in a certain way? The reason for this is that we are not taught the vocabulary to help us explain this to ourselves and others. The purpose of these assessments is to give you insights into yourself and how you can better relate to others as a peer, as a leader and as a friend.

About the Coaching sessions with assessments.

We will debrief the results from the assessment/s and discuss gaps or blind spots that you will need to close either with the further support of your coach or on your own.

Assessments Available

All assessments are taken online. You will receive a report detailing your results across the various categories for both your strengths and emotional intelligence assessments.

We offer the following assessments:

Top 5 Strengths Assessment – to help you better understand your strengths and how you can use them to your advantage

Emotional Intelligence Assessment – to help you understand the way you see yourself and relate to others

Leadership Capability Assessment– to help you understand your people leadership potential by assessing your skills & gaps

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