Talent Acquisition

Let us discover your next high performer to take your business to the next level

In the most competitive job markets, it has never been more difficult to find the right supply chain talent. These individuals directly impact your business, affecting both top and bottom line growth. Any strategic employment decision you make deserves to have a full and thorough evaluation of the external job market.

Our Services

Retained Search

Quality, efficiency,  exclusivity and thorough talent search

With hard to fill vacancies Impel can assign dedicated research support to map out and find key talent within your core market. Once identified our team will actively headhunt doing all we can to reach the passive candidate market.

Within 2-3 weeks we aim to provide a full short list of 3-5 candidates that match your requirements. We include a full candidate CV, compensation details, and prescreening questions (optional) so that you can ensure you have the right candidates before they even walk through the door.

Structure: Paid in three instalments of 1/3rd of the total estimated fee at the following milestones: Launch of project, shortlist, and offer accepted.

Project Hire

Cost effective and true talent partnership

When building new teams or changing organisation structures, a project hire is an effective, cost based solution which combines the flexibility of Fee Upon Completion with the efficiency and structure of a Retained Search,

This model applies to multiple position hiring projects, allowing you to hire multiple candidates from the same short list and with full time dedicated research support provided to your project. Due to candidates being introduced for a range of positions and seniorities we work with one single fee upfront, no shortlist fee, and the rest upon successful completion.

Structure: One upfront fee for multiple positions and the rest upon successful completion (candidate’s written acceptance).

Interim Services

Quick, hassle free and no commitment

Impel can quickly place professional contractors with niche skill sets across a diverse range of businesses. With strong relationships, market insight and a vast network, our specialist contract recruitment team supply contractors within operations across all levels, providing key expertise for urgent mandates.

Structure: Monthly invoicing of approved timesheets.