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The EMERGE Leadership Program welcomes individuals into a community where coaching and leadership training is accessible and affordable for everyone. Leadership to us is our passion.


This virtual Leadership course is focused on developing the human skills that are critical for Emerging Leaders. Human skills are often disregarded and overlooked. Formal education rarely emphasises the importance of Human skills and only once in a while will offer a course for its students equipping them with these in-demand skills.

As an employer, you play a pivotal role in shaping your employees’ career development. We are here to assist and collaborate with you in guiding your team members on their professional journeys.

Preparation is the key to successful leadership

People usually get promoted to a People Leader based on their excellent performance in their technical role with little to no leadership training to build a high performing team. Most first time leaders feel overwhelmed and unqualified to lead a team. Unfortunately, the bad habits that are formed early on in a leader’s journey, stay with them until they retire.

We want to STOP this cycle of releasing leaders to our workforce who are not trained and equipped to navigate this constantly changing world. We want leaders to be prepared to handle any situation while putting their people first.

The ins and outs of the EMERGE program.

The EMERGE Program offers employers the advantage of fostering purpose-driven career development, enhancing leadership capabilities, and improving overall productivity by equipping their workforce with emotional intelligence and human skills.

For employees, the program provides a pathway to intentional career growth, an opportunity to live out their purpose, and the development of leadership skills, all while increasing personal effectiveness in navigating complex situations and building meaningful relationships.

Course outline

When you enrol your employees in the EMERGE Onboarding Program, they will complete the following modules:

Module 1: Building Self Awareness

Module 2: Self-regulation & Mental Resilience

Module 3: Principles of Servant Leadership 

Module 4: Building High Performing Teams in a Cross Cultural World

Module 5: Communicate to Connect 

Module 6: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Module 7: Persuasion & Negotiation

Module 8: Leading in a VUCA World + Leading Change

Module 9: Coaching for Success & Performance Management

Module 10: Critical Thinking + Conflict Resolution

Module 11: Situational Leadership

Module 12: Cultivating a growth mindset 


*The Program can be customised to meet your specific needs. We develop modules based on your challenges.

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