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A passion for leadership development.

Our team has experience building high performing teams within FMCG and Life Sciences, Space and Technology and Renewable Energy across supply chain, operations and HR. We are excited to bring that passion to organisations world-wide, in order to help them support, build and empower teams across various disciplines. Time and time again we have proven that our methods, knowledge and expertise can transform organisations.

Our programs.

We specialise in helping teams accelerate their internal leadership development, by offering expert advice from the worlds leading leadership and career coach advocates.

Building genuine human connections.

As students of learning all things related to leadership, we have personally applied these tools and programs below. Together, we want to share our hands – on experience with you and your teams as you embark on your leadership journey.

Technical expertise only gets you so far, understanding people, enabling soft skills, recognising your own emotional intelligence, and building genuine human connections is key to success.

Embark on your leadership journey.

We have proven time and time again that our methods, knowledge and expertise can transform organisations.

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HUMAN SKILLS ASSESSMENTS. Understanding skills. HUMAN SKILLS ASSESSMENTS. Understanding skills.

Our human skills assessments help Hiring Managers understand shortlisted candidates and assist leaders in building high-performing teams by identifying skills gaps and offering tailored training.

ENGAGE. For new employees.

ENGAGE is a virtual onboarding course which is the first of its kind being offered to candidates that we place through our business. Research has shown that when people feel engaged in their first 90 days of joining a role, they are more likely to bring their best and remain engaged in their company.

We believe in supporting the people that we have partnered with as they transition into their new roles.


EMERGE. From Specialist to Leader.

EMERGE is a leadership course focused on developing the soft skills that are critical for emerging leaders, preparing individuals for a promotion to a ‘people leader’.

Most first time leaders feel overwhelmed and unqualified to lead a team while forming bad habits that can stay with them throughout their career. This lack of knowledge and know how leads to low productivity, disengaged teams and high attrition due to a poor work environment.

EVOLVE. From Leader to Director.

EVOLVE focuses on building upon core leadership skillsets that supports a leader in developing other leaders. In this program we focus on the people you want to build into your senior leadership team by offering advanced courses focused on building high-performing teams, coaching and effective delegation using communication as the foundation.

Our process.

Take a look at how we help our clients, partners and candidates develop their talent into high-performance leaders.

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