The Role of Intrepreneurship In A Pandemic World

Ondela Mlandu

Written by: Ondela Mlandu

4 minute read

The term intrapreneur (in-tra-pre-neur) is a derived from the two words “internal/inside” and “entrepreneur”. Intrapreneurs are employees of a company, who are given the freedom to develop other projects or ideas as an entrepreneur would, in addition to their regular day job. Intrapreneurs are often driven not by monetary gain, but by a deep desire of personal achievement.

So what does it take to be a good intrapreneur?

Growing a business requires a diverse set of skills, but the characteristics and traits that ties everything together is leadership. Intrapreneurs are highly motivated individuals (one would need to be highly motivated to be able to juggle an effective work and side passion balance).  These leaders are also deemed as risk takers. Let’s take a closer look at the five characteristics needed to be a good intrapreneur:

5 Important characteristics of an Intrapreneur

1. Proactiveness

Intrapreneurs are innovative and often lead, rather than follow their  competitors. These kind of leaders are often curious and passionate, resulting in them not wanting to waste time when pursuing opportunities or business ventures.

2. Productiveness

Most intrapreneurs often juggle a 9-5 job, before getting into their actual work as intrapreneurs. That requires one to be meticulous with their time management.

3. Creativity

When it comes to entrepreneurs, they are not afraid to think outside of the box, which allows them to work on ideas that may change strategic direction.

4. Self-belief

Entrepreneurs are independent thinkers who truly believe in themselves. They are optimistic and confident about their chances for success. When it comes to their work, they are tenacious and focused.

5. Passion

Having a passion for business is vital as an intrapreneur, because passion means that you’ll dedicate more time and energy to your work. Passion fuels you to commit to achieving a vision or goal.

The benefits of intrapreneurship

  1. Intrapreneurship boosts employee morale.
  2. Intrapreneurship teaches skills necessary to carry out projects and ideas.
  3. Intrapreneurship strengthens communication skills.
  4. Intrapreneurship develops strong leadership skills.
  5. Intrapreneurs put their creativity to good use by exploring and implementing ideas.


Intrapreneurship isn’t so much a job title as it is a work philosophy. While we all may have various opinions and ideas of whether or not it works for you and your employees, it’s also what differentiates one from being just a mere employee.

What are your thoughts on intrapreneurship? Have you embarked on it as an individual or have you allowed your employees to do so? Most importantly, would you say intrapreneurship is the future way of working?