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The Innovative Space Industry, Taking Inspiration from 1914?

Eugene McIntyre

Written by: Eugene McIntyre

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Having been involved within the Engineering industry over the last 8 years I am always amazed at how quickly things can change. From the structure of a team, the idea of the most effective process or the acceptance of best practise, everything is always prone to change. Working with Engineers has provided me with an insight into how their minds work to find a way to improve whatever is in front of them, constantly looking for the little nuances of ineffectiveness to understand where improvements can be made.

Impel Talent Space
Image: Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969, in a photograph taken by Neil Armstrong.
I said something and everyone thought I was great. It was all due to Impel.
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    It’s of no surprise that we see these clear shifts of ideologies and transformations in different industries across their timeline. Innovative technology has driven the mobile phone from an 80’s style brick that I only saw in TV’s shows as a child, to being an off the shelf product available for anyone to buy for less than a bottle of wine. Television has developed from 5 channels only to over 400, as well as the 50+ ways of streaming entertainment accessible from a half an inch thick piece of kit. And the Space industry? Well, we’ve gone from having the rare satellite in orbit to launching 100+ a month.

    Impel Talent Space
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