Breaking The Chain

Leading in a VUCA World: Introducing Leadership in Ambiguity with Terentia Browne and Reneesha Mohabir

Mariia Bondarenko

Written by: Mariia Bondarenko

5 minute read

🎙️ Welcome to the tenth episode of Breaking the Chain! This week, Terentia Browne, Co-Founder and Director of Career Coaching and Leadership Development at Impel Talent, and Reneesha Mohabir, Impel’s Leadership Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, dive deep into the realm of leadership in ambiguity. In a world filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), today’s leaders must navigate turbulence while fostering growth and innovation. This episode sets the stage for understanding the critical role of leadership in such an ambiguous landscape.

Terentia and Reneesha explore the unique challenges that arise from ambiguity, particularly in decision-making where insufficient information challenges traditional approaches. They discuss how leaders must adapt to change, make decisions without complete information, and handle risk and uncertainty effectively. Their insights highlight the importance of creating an environment where ambiguity is not just managed but leveraged for strategic advantage.

The conversation also touches on the psychological aspects of leadership, emphasising the need for creating psychological safety. Terentia and Reneesha delve into how overcoming fear and building confidence are essential for individuals to thrive in ambiguous situations. By fostering resilience and encouraging a culture of experimentation and learning, leaders can empower their teams to navigate the complexities of the VUCA world successfully.

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