Breaking The Chain

Building an Award-Winning Healthy Lifestyle Bakery with Lady M

Nathaniel Chapman

Written by: Nathaniel Chapman

2 minute read

Michaela Pontiki has a natural aptitude for what she produces, although she does not come from a food industry background. She is a qualified architect with a passion for sustainability, the environment and harmonious healthy living, values that are at the heart of her projects. Lady M is also a motivational public speaker, with her portfolio including exhibitions in museums, galleries and universities across Europe.

Originally from Crete, she grew up surrounded by locally sourced natural produce and healthy home cooked food. Now with a busy London life, Lady M enjoys keeping herself mentally and physically fit with food that she enjoys. Being vegan for 7 years, gluten and dairy intolerant, she found the limited options unappealing. Being a dynamic person and a believer of a healthier living, she thought –’if you can’t find it, create it!’ That’s where award-winning healthy lifestyle bakery Arapina was born.