Case Study

Systems Engineering with GomSpace

Client: GomSpace | Relationship established: June 2021 | Location: Luxembourg

The Client

GomSpace is a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of cubesat & small satellite solutions for customers in the academic, government and commercial markets. Their positions of strength include systems integration, cubesat platforms, advanced miniaturized radio technology and satellite operations. They are more than 130 employees, from many different nationalities, and serve their customers in more than 60 countries.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to find a Lead Systems Engineer to manage some of their unique deep space projects that they have from a technical perspective, working with a multinational group and having leadership responsibilities. This person was to be based out of Luxembourg and must have system experience on similar projects.

The Conclusion

The difficulty with this position was finding someone with enough relative experience that was either located in Luxembourg or would be open to relocating. The space industry is relatively small especially within the CubeSat market, even more so when it comes to understanding and developing Deep Space products. Our client had exhausted their search for a suitable candidate and came to us for our expertise and guidance. Within 1 week we had proactively sourced, identified and presented the perfect candidate who fit their brief exactly. The candidate had prior knowledge of our client but wasn’t aware of their future plans that fit in well to what they were looking to do. After an intensive interview process, the candidate accepted a position with out client and started 1 month later.

Our Expertise

Our network within the industry is unrivalled, through both agency and in-house experience giving our clients access to candidates not readily available on the market. Through the connections we have built up over the last decade, we were able to present a candidate with all the experience that was a strong cultural fit for the business.

My experience of working with GomSpace on this project has been fantastic due to the nature in which they have conducted themselves. With quick and open communication channels with the team, honest feedback and reviews of our process ensured that we were able to complete the project in a short space of time.
Eugene McIntrye Head of Space and Technology