Case Study

Expanding Manufacturing Capabilities with AGC Biologics

Client: AGC Biologics | Relationship established: August – September 2020 | Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

The Challenge

Impel Talent was approached by Phase 3 Search on behalf of AGC Biologics because of the struggle to fill key leadership positions and technical experts. AGC Biologics is a CDMO and the product of the convergence and integration of Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Bioscience, CMC Biologics, BIOMEVA GmbH and Molecular Medicine S.p.A. (“MolMed”). The site in Denmark was previously CMC biologics and the site was upscaling production to a full commercial manufacturing facility for monoclonal antibodies.

AGC Biologics needed support on a Head/Lead Qualified Person, QA Team Lead, Head of Quality Systems and Compliance, Process Transfer Manager, and a Process Transfer Scientist.

The most urgent position was the Qualified Persons that without which the manufacturing facility would have been unable to release key biologics batches to their clients. These positions had been open for almost 7 months prior to Impel Talent’s engagement.

The Conclusion

Impel Talent completed all roles successfully sourcing candidates from across Europe. Impel Talent was able to provide shortlists, conduct interviews, and make offers to candidates within an 6-8 week time line. The local candidate pool did not have enough expertise so Impel expanded its search filling the positions with candidates from Netherlands, Spain, England, Denmark, and Sweden.

Impel Placements:

  1. Head Qualified Person
  2. QA Team Leader
  3. Head of Quality Systems
  4. Upstream Process Transfer Manager
  5. Process Transfer Scientist
  6. Regulatory Compliance Lead

Our Expertise

Impel Talent was able to provide executive search services to midlevel and senior specialists across technical functions within life sciences. Due to the network and indepth knowledge of a European market. With each role it look less that 3 weeks to source a relevant short list of 3-5 candidates and the recruitment process was rapidly accelerated leading to AGC securing key talent for site expansion and commercialisation of key projects.

Impel Talent helped getting me a new position as QA team leader and QP delegate in Copenhagen. I experienced tremendous support at all times from Impel Talent. As someone who has experienced going through the recruitment process alongside their representative, I can wholeheartedly recommend Impel Talent to others in the same situation. – Henrik Bylund