Breaking The Chain

The Leadership Series: Unconscious Bias And How To Overcome Stereotypes with Lamia Fikrat

Ondela Mlandu

Written by: Ondela Mlandu

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Welcome to Breaking The Chain: The Leadership Series, hosted by Director of Career Coaching and Leadership Development at Impel Talent, Terentia Browne.

In this episode, Terentia sits down with  Lamia Fikrat to speak about the true definition of unconscious biases and how our individual backgrounds and experiences influence the way we react to certain situations. They also delve deep into how unconscious biases can have an impact on our daily lives and decision-making process.

This episode is full of insightful tips on how to understand the types of biases one can experience in the workplace, as well as how to challenge yourself when you realise that your bias is impacting the way you are behaving or thinking.

About Lamia Fikrat

Lamia is currently a strategy consultant and interim executive manager. She assists companies to successfully implement strategic projects and transformation plans. Lamia also coaches managers and entrepreneurs on various platforms such as, MIT Arab Start Up Challenge, Orange Corners x NL Embassy, GIZ x UE Ecostart, US Embassy Kigali’s Academy of Women Entrepreneurs, ADIE France, Hackathon Tech is Law France, LaStartup Factory Morocco, CCG Inov Idea Morocco, Match & Invest Morocco, Big Booster Lebanon Bootcamp and Growth Train Africa. She is a firm believer of the Process Communication Model to manage stress and motivation. Lamia also supports women and girls in STEM through various initiatives such as Girl Up United Nations, Femmes Ingénieurs France and Wentech.