Breaking The Chain

The Leadership Series: The Power of Coaching and Mentoring with Damen Tolley

Terentia Browne

Written by: Terentia Browne

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Welcome to Breaking The Chain – The Leadership Series, hosted by Director of Career Coaching and Leadership Development at Impel Talent, Terentia Browne.

In this episode Terentia sits down with Damen Tolley, HR Director at OneWeb Satellites. Together they talk about the power of coaching and mentoring and how Damen has incorporated the training programs lead by Terentia at OneWeb satellites.

They cover the challenges faced by leaders who are time poor and struggle to mentor and coach their teams, the importance of leaders championing and leading this type support, how to manage up and guide your own manager on what you need to develop in your career and the importance of normalising feedback in order to grow in your role.

One way Damen would recommend you starting on your journey of finding a mentor? Use your network! Be brave, be bold and use what you have at your fingertips to start making immediate, positive changes.