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Talent Acquisition Business Partner

  • 7th October 2021
  • Location London, United Kingdom

We are seeking people with a passion for working with people. You will support the growth of our business by delivering across large scale recruitment projects across Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, and Space & Technology.

Here’s the deal… I know you have seen plenty of these job advertisements before. They were boring, showed you no personality and you most likely didn’t apply for it. 

So let me keep this simple and save us both some time. It’s not what we do it is WHO WE ARE.

WE LOVE working with people, the recruitment industry for us has always been about the work itself. The networking, building relationships and sharing genuine human connections. We thoroughly believe that when done right, recruitment helps people discover unique opportunities and lifestyles they never thought possible. We rise to the challenge and support people and families with jobs and their relocation all over the world.

WE BUILD relationships, internally and externally. We have become friends with both our candidates and clients. Internally, we want to be more than just colleagues but team mates, mentors and a support network. Through business we found friendship which eliminated the absolutely outdated and terrible saying from the psychopaths within the industry “it’s not personal, its business”.

We have become friends with both candidates and clients we have worked with 

WE LIKE people being themselves, being authentic, being interested and actually caring about the work they are doing and for the people it’s for. This job isn’t magic really, it just takes someone who is willing to listen, is empathetic, and who wants to work hard. Work hard not just for themselves but for the people and clients they represent, for a company and brand they believe in.

WE WANT to help the world around us. If you didn’t know, Impel Talent focuses on two key areas: Life Sciences & Renewable Energy, two sectors that drive or impel the world we live in (as corny as it sounds it’s actually the reason we work in those sectors). So while our work is focused on innovative and sustainable sectors, so are our minds when it comes to how we can help. We focus on sharing profit with non-profits/charities, we engage every month with a charity to support a greater cause, and we give everyone one day per month to spend devoted to a cause of their own choice.

So what will you do here?

As a Talent Business Partner you will working directly with people, calling and networking with supply chain professionals across the world. You will offer support, development opportunities or aid them in finding new external job opportunities.

Impel Talent is changing the way the industry treats people. We offer recruitment services, career coaching services, and training and development support for organisations and individuals. Our goal is to impel the careers of the individuals we represent which means offering various support channels for people to rise to the best of their ability. 

Your Responsibilities:

  • Partner with the Head’s of Department across a range of vacancies and executive search projects across Renewable Energy, Life Sciences, or Space & Exploration Technology
  • You will build and establish long term relationships with new clients introducing them to our full range of services and offerings.
  • Partner with the Director of Leadership Dev and Career Coaching on key projects for Human Rescources departments and for individuals across your network.
  • You will develop a candidate attraction strategy along with the MD which will include: Marketing, direct approach techniques, job advertisements, content, and networking events
  • You will deliver a short list of qualified candidates for executive searches which includes: Resourcing, networking, introduction and evaluation calls, formatting CVs, and presenting to the client/ MD
  • You will manage live interview processes, arrange overseas transportation, and schedule timelines directly with clients
  • You will provide candidates with value added interview strategies and techniques.
  • You will aid/lead salary negotiation

What we are offering:

  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • High level commission
  • Full time working from home
  • Flexible working
  • Autonomy on your projects and full support for ongoing assignments
  • Training & development – external paid courses and development
  • Support for further education 

If you are interested in the above role then apply below. We are in no rush to fill this position and to us it is absolutely imperative the individual fit our values, understand our direction and believe in our culture.

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