Announcing Stephanie Stocker as Executive Business Partner

Nathaniel Chapman

Written by: Nathaniel Chapman

2 minute read

Welcome Stephanie Stocker, Executive Business Partner at Impel Talent!

Well my have we come a long way in the last 12 months! We have now begun a global expansion with team members across two countries supporting rapidly scaling clients. With the workload and business growth, it made sense to welcome a new colleague that could bring the much needed structure we need require to continue with the momentum we thrive on. Therefore it is my pleasure to introduce our newest Impeller, Stephanie Stocker – Executive Business Partner.

Steph joins us with 6 years’ experience as an operations executive working for large corporations and with emerging start-ups across technology, finance, and professional services. Before joining Impel, she consulted with various start-ups and businesses helping them scale while establishing key structures and so brings a breadth of knowledge to help lay the key foundations for our own growth at Impel Talent.

Away from work Steph is a proud mother of two and spends her weekends watching them succeed at rugby, football & ballet. She has a strong background in professional dance and has a passion for the theatre, always keeping up to date with what’s going on in the west end.

It’s an exciting time ahead as we prepare to accelerate our growth, so please join me in welcoming Steph to the team!